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The ideal homes are those that are airy and well-ventilated, made of high-quality materials, have high ceilings, and as per command of our Beloved Aqa Maula (TUS) that homes of Mumineen should be spacious so that they stand out from others, and that every mumin should own a house, we build homes with this in mind and provide excellent services to our customers.

Even though our homes are affordable, if certain buyers are unable to make the entire payment at the time of purchase, we offer possession for a 50% down payment and continue to take payments thereafter. We are able to accomplish this because we build homes from our own funds. We also provide discounts to make it easier for them to acquire a home. In summary, we take every feasible measure to ensure that a mumin can purchase a home.

We have gained the trust and confidence of the public as a result of our experience and long tenure in this field. We adhere to our key beliefs in order to provide our services on time and flawlessly as requested by our clients. As a result, even our international clients trust us and our services, and they are aware that the residences we have established have all been very successful.

Site Planning
Exterior Design
Interior Design

What We Offer

Bagichawala offers a wide range of experience in project management, value engineering, interior design, and multi-story construction. In our more than 23 years of expertise, we have developed long-lasting connections with our clients by providing services under the guidance of experts.


Architecture is an art and science of creating and designing structure depicting art than solely relying on construction quality

Exterior Design​

Well they say not to judge a book by its cover, but what people see first is the outside of your home.

Interior Design

Every strong and beautiful and structure need an attracting and carefully crafted interior design.

Site Planning

For every perfected constructions and execution of the buildings and site requires deep and efficient site planning.

We Provide the Best Service in Industry​

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