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Bagichawala developers and builders was established 23 years ago in 1999, founded by our father Shk Fakhruddin Bagichawala who launched this company as a consultant and community-based seller of flats. There were only a few Mumineen residences in Block C but now we have housed thousands of Mumineen and developed a society there. This society, whose name was granted by Maula (tus) and is known as the Fakhri Mohallah, was built by our dedication over the course of 22 years and is situated in close proximity to Jamea tus Saifiyah, Husami Masjid, and Asghar Ali Shah Stadium. Alhamdolillah, on that basis we are launching our Saify Residency project, which is also a Dawoodi Bohra community-based society within the Karim bhai society. Our project will be constructed adjacent to the Masjid, and it will serve as an emblem and landmark in plan 33, particularly for the Mumineen and Karim bhai society

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Bagichawala offers a wide range of experience in project management, value engineering, interior design, and multi-story construction. In our more than 23 years of expertise, we have developed long-lasting connections with our clients by providing services under the guidance of experts.
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