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Our father, Shk Fakhruddin BagichaWala, created Bagichawala Developers and Builders in 1999. He started the business as a consultant and community-based flat vendor. Block C used to contain some Mumineen homes, but now it is home to thousands of them, and a society has grown there. This society, known as the Fakhri Mohallah, whose name was given by Maula (TUS) was constructed over the course of 23 years by our devotion and is located close to Jamea tus Saifiyah, Husami Masjid, and Asghar Ali Shah Stadium. Thankfully, we are beginning our Saify Residency project—a Dawoodi Bohra community-based society within the Karim bhai society—on the basis of that. Our endeavor will be

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We are Open to give free consultation because we believe in building long-lasting business relationships with our clients and at BaghichaWala, every client is important.

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BaghichaWala offers a wide range of experience in project management, value engineering, interior design, and multi-story construction. In our more than 23 years of expertise, we have developed long-lasting connections with our clients, providing services under the guidance of experts.
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What Our Clients Say

According to Maula, the dwellings of mumineen should be spacious. Thus, we endeavor to adhere to this and design it in a way that distinguishes it as a momin residence. As an outcome of the authorization granted by Maula.

Projects we have done

Whoever purchases from us, particularly from abroad, has faith in us since they are aware that we have been in business for a number of years, that all of our projects are in a position to be fulfilled, and that people are presently living in the homes we have built. Due to this, people see our sincerity and honesty in our job.
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